150 km of waterways, the Great Müggelsee and 6 other lakes offer you inexhaustible leisure and water sports possibilities.
Whether comfortably with one of the modern passenger ships, with ferry connections, with charter boats or own yacht as well as ship charter for groups, an explorer raft or solar boat – relaxation and fun are guaranteed.

Being active and almost noiselessly on the move with canoe, surfboard or stand-up paddling.
Charming landscapes, varied shores, unique industrial architecture, small-town districts make every tour a special experience. Paddling through New Venice and the Gosener Graben; with a little luck discover the blue kingfisher.

All canoe tours are located within a radius of about 90 km in and around Berlin and can be easily reached by public transport.

How many kilometers can be paddled per day, taking into account the individual condition and of course the waters to be navigated. As a “rule of thumb”, beginners can paddle about 10 to 16 kilometers per day, for the more sporty ones between 16-24 km.

As a sailor or surfer, find the right breeze on the Müggelsee. Boating, swimming, chilling in summer, gliding over the ice & sipping mulled wine in winter – welcome to the water kingdom.

Water hiking in Berlin

Whether challenging climbs or extensive tours, with the e-bike you can reach any destination. Explore Berlin’s number one outdoor region with the e-bike